Is your nonprofit looking for an accounting firm that specializes in working with 501(c)(3) organizations? Perhaps you have tax specific questions regarding your returns, your audit or your overall financial systems and protocols. Many CPAs aren’t knowledgeable and experienced in working with the unique circumstances surrounding not-for-profit entities.

We Understand Nonprofits

ESP knows that not only is the nonprofit accounting function complex, but that many nonprofit organizations can’t afford to hire highly skilled personnel and/or support a robust accounting department. We understand your resources may be limited and we’re dedicated to helping you optimize your systems while also educating you about why and how to maintain them.

We Value You

The quality of the services we provide, our care for your nonprofit, and our commitment to providing you with excellent, efficient services extends to our use of the best technology in the business.  Working with us, you’ll experience:

  • Secure, Client Portal – Our online portal allows us to easily and securely transfer files to one another.  There’s no maximum file size, nearly all file types are supported and you can manage your internal users or we can do it for you.  Files are also securely stored for up to seven years, so your prior year tax returns and reports are at your fingertips.
  • Paperless Auditing Tools – We use the industry’s best paperless auditing tools, both for storage and management, ensuring our documentation is complete, accurate, and easily rolled forward into each year’s engagements.  This helps us focus on what’s new with your agency each year, making our work more useful and efficient.
  • Cloud-Based Accounting Solutions – Our focus on cloud-based technologies ensures that all personnel involved in your accounting function and fiscal oversight have access to meaningful information, quickly and easily.  While we can and will work in Quickbooks, by leveraging our cloud-based solutions your information is more secure, our costs are lower and we can provide you and your team with the best, customized reporting.
  • “Best in Show” Tax Software – The IRS actively promotes electronic filing, and so do we.  Electronic return completion and processing, integrated with auditing tools and cloud-based accounting solutions, allows for accurate, complete and timely returns. The IRS typically confirms receipt of our electronically filed returns within 72 hours.

Learn more about our individual services below, or call us today to schedule a consultation.